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About Me



All was fun and games until I became 26 years old and got curious about how professional astrologers read birth charts. Since that day I started my research, joined astrology online communities, started watching youtube videos and google every placement of my birth chart. If you are familiar with transits of planets - that was a period when I had Saturn transit on my Ascendant, Solar Eclipse on my natal Sun in 9th house and Pluto transit on my North Node. Since then until now there is no day that I don't learn anything new about astrology, the subject is all around me everyday in everything I do.


Getting Serious
to Astrology

In 2020 I applied for astrology studies online, successfully completed their course and received a diploma of "Centre of Excellence". Very soon after I got interested in hellenistic astrology (that uses a whole house system method). I have discovered amazing astrologers like Chris Brennan and Acyuta Bhava Das and decided to take Acyuta's online course "Ancient Astrology for the Modern Mystic" (I’m currently studying it). I consider myself to be an eternal student and I am fascinated by all areas of astrology, spirituality, occult studies and psychology. I began performing astrology readings both privately and at events, for family and friends before deciding to create Jupiterian Light.


If you are familiar with a natal chart, I have Sagittarius rising and my chart ruler is Jupiter. My sun is in Leo conjunct Jupiter in 9th house in my birth chart. When I turned 19 years old I left my homeland and lived in different countries. Jupiter’s archetype was following me through my whole life: I’ve been always expanding my mind with new philosophies, belief systems, religions, meeting people from different backgrounds and “worlds”. I’ve always had a strong faith in what I believe and always had hope in whatever I did. Astrology made me to understand how much of potential everyone of us have and how much of it we don’t use. Many of us are afraid to act on it, others don’t believe in themselves or simply are not aware of what power they are hidding inside. That’s why I have chosen a word “Light”, because I want to inspire people to finally acknowledge their strengths so they can start using them to achieve their happiness and fullfilment in life!

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