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"Astrologer Agne is my greatest discovery this year ❤️ Agne helped my to figure out my carrier path, showed me areas where I can fulfill my potential, helped me to figure out my talents and strengths. Also gave good advices of relationships and how to manage my daily routine. Unbelievable how much astrology can help in every person life! The conversation with Agne flew very easy and positively, it’s very pleasant to communicate with her, after the reading I felt so motivated to get back in my life and follow my dreams. Agne is a great astrologer and coach which is so needed in our lives. ❤️

Wish everyone to have an astrological reading with Agne ☺️"

Ingrida Sertvytyte

"For anyone seeking extra guidance.

Thank you, Agne, for your incredibly insightful readings and hope!

Agne is very energetic and empathetic person, who have a deep inner strength. And I love how positive and never judgmental way of expressing she explains her readings, her insights which seems pretty accurate.

Her readings makes me feel hopeful when things broke apart, happy and grateful for my attributes, also she has given me a better understanding of my path. I cannot THANK her enough."

Migle Za

"I've had several readings by Agne and she has always been absolutely amazing. Agne burns with passion for astrology and she truly cares about YOU. Her readings are deep and in depth. She is a wonderful, spiritual and caring person, Agne will give you the best possible reading, that will help you understand what the stars have laid out for you."

Egle Paquette

"Agne had read my birth chart several times already and it feels like she knows everything about my life, listening to her is like listening to magic. She is very empathetic and knows how to say/address things. You can say it is her passion because her readings makes you feel like she is part of your life. I highly recommend her, you won’t regret it. Thanks Agne for your time spent with me! 🙏❤️"

Marina Sánchez

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