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Discover what kind of first impression you make on other people, your strengths, weaknesses and the type of friends and lovers you attract, your childhood influences, potential career pathways and life purpose, as indicated by your astrological birth chart. I'll check your transits (current energies) and I'll tell you what current period is best for and what to expect in near future.

Audio or Video ZOOM CALL

Birth Chart Reading
Audio or Video CALL

30 Minutes




  • 30 minutes or Audio or Video Call.

  • A PDF document with your personalized natal Birth Chart and your Planetary Signs and Placements.




  • No prior knowledge of astrology is required. 

  • Date, place and exact time of birth (within 5 minutes).

  • It is NOT POSSIBLE if you do not know the exact time of birth to get a reading. If you discover this rule later, the donation will be refunded to you.


After the donation JUPITERIAN LIGHT will be in touch by email to schedule

your consultation and will ask you to fill a short client intel form. If your email doesn't match with email which is provided when donating, I kindly would ask you to inform me via form below. Thank you!

Group Discussion


1 Hour  / Price negotiable


Event bookings are available upon request for astrology readings

(with spiritual advice). 

Jupiterian Light caters for all types of events, including:

* Hens Parties, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, Virtual Parties, Engagement Parties, Weddings.
* Bookings may incur a travel fee.
* In-person events can only be booked for Netherlands and Lithuania.

Q & A
Astrology Map

Frequently asked questions:

How much should I donate? 

It totally depends from you. As much as you feel is appropriate. The amount of donation varies from person to person, so there will never be one-size-fits-all answer to this. It can be done before or after a reading. I'm a believer in karma so the whole idea comes from my heart, will to help and inspire people. 

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